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Today, you can choose between two types of drum sets: the acoustic drums and the increasingly popular electric drum kits. There have been huge advancements and improvements to both types, enhancing the produced sound and enjoyment of playing. Whether you play professionally or as a hobby, electric drum kits are widely recognised as a good option when deciding which type to choose. http://rhythmandmelodyshop.com/drums-percussion/electronic-drum-kit.html


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Guitars are divided into different categories that you can choose according to your choice. Acoustic, electric, solid body, left-handed electric guitars, resonators, etc are names a few. Acoustic guitars are available in different models that include 12-string acoustic, 6-string acoustic guitars; while electric guitars include Less Paul, Epiphone, modelling electric guitars, Hollow body guitars, electric guitar packs and Martin. Not forget to mention the solid body guitars that are also amazing. http://rhythmandmelodyshop.com/guitar/bass-guitar.html


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rhythmandmelodyshop.com provide the finest and extensive range Electro Acoustic Guitars also referred to as the Acoustic Guitar or Semi Guitar in layman terms from around the globe. Versatile in design, the electro electric guitar is renowned for its smooth seem and effective projection. At its core, an acoustic-guitar is acoustic in fashion fitted having a pickup device making it connected to a guitar amp, numerous effect pedals or performed by itself for any more intimate seem. Heard in essentially every genre of music, these guitars are indispensable in any modern band setting. More Info: - http://rhythmandmelodyshop.com/guitar/electric-acoustic-guitar.html?limit=12

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